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The National Centre for Knowledge on Men's Violence Against Women (NCK) is a knowledge and resource centre based at Uppsala University. NCK has been commissioned by the Government to increase the knowledge on men's violence against women in Sweden, and to develop methods for the treatment and care of women subjected to violence.

NCK is divided in an academic department and a clinical department. The academic department comes under Uppsala University and includes the research, training and education, and communication units. The clinical department includes the out-patient clinic and the national helpline for women. The departments are housed in the same building located on Uppsala University Hospital premises. Approximately 50 people work at NCK.

Photo showing the house where NCK is located

What we do

NCK works against violence against women on a broad front and the different units all contribute actively to the assignment. Below is a few examples of what NCK does.Photo showing a mobil phone

  • Since 2007, NCK has developed and operated Kvinnofridslinjen, the national helpline for women subjected to physical, psychological and sexual violence, on behalf of the government. Read more about Kvinnofridslinjen
  • NCK participates in national meetings and forums related to the area of men’s violence against women. The centre seeks to raise the awareness about what NCK offers in terms of training and education, online resources, and Kvinnofridlinjen. Representatives from NCK also participate in international conferences on the subject. 
  • NCK publishes research reports, guides and handbooks on violence against women, several of which are available in their full-length in English. Two graphic short stories on the issue of sexual assault have been published. They have become popular in schools to facilitate the discussion of the topic. Publications
  • NCK has developed a toolbox for professionals who meet women and children subjected to violence and/or perpetrators, or otherwise encounter cases of men’s violence against women. The toolbox consists of six parts:

Online guidance for social care staff
Online guidance for health care staff
Online course on violence
Knowledge bank
University courses
National Helpline for Women, Kvinnofridslinjen

Much of NCK’s output is available on the website in order for the knowledge to be readily accessible across Sweden.

History and mission

The National Women’s Centre was founded in 1994 and was a special centre providing care and support to women subjected to violence. It was initially part of the women’s clinic at Uppsala University Hospital, but moved to its own premises in 2001. The Centre has always had a close collaboration with Uppsala University. The government agreed to reform the centre in 2006, and it was given its current name National Centre for Knowledge on Men’s Violence against Women, NCK.

With the reform it was commissioned to:

  • spread knowledge about and develop methods for the care of women who have been subjected to violence,
  • raise awareness about men's violence against women,
  • offer university courses on men’s violence against women in collaboration with Uppsala University,
  • monitor, compile, and disseminate research findings in the field of men's violence against women,
  • educate medical staff and other categories of staff who are likely to meet women subjected to violence,
  • conduct research related to the clinical work in the field of men’s violence against women,
  • function as a consulting body to other organisations and authorities in Sweden,
  • provide support to women subjected to violence as well as to their family and friends.
Last modified: 2023-06-12