National helpline for women – Kvinnofridslinjen

The national helpline for women called Kvinnofridslinjen is run by NCK as part of its patient services.

Women who are or have been subjected to threats and physical, psychological and sexual violence can call Kvinnofridslinjen for support and advice. Friends, relatives and professionals are also welcome to call.

Kvinnofridslinjen is available 24/7, free of charge and operated by well-trained and experienced social workers and nurses who refer callers to locally available specialist support services. The staff is bound by secrecy and the caller can remain anonymous.

Kvinnofridslinjen receives over 30 000 calls annually, most from women who are subjected to violence themselves. The number of calls has increased steadily over the years Kvinnofridslinjen has been in operation. The staff is Swedish and English speaking, but it is possible to use an interpreter. The helpline can only be reached from callers in Sweden.

Photo of information materialKvinnofridslinjen is widely advertised by calling cards and posters in for example hospitals, health centres, schools, and job centres. Calling cards are available in 29 languages and all information materials can be ordered free of charge in order to ensure a wide spread. Surveys show that more than 50 percent of women in Sweden know of Kvinnofridslinjens existence.

More information about the helpline can be found on

For further information, contact the information department at or telephone number +46 (0) 18-611 98 68.

A government commission

The Swedish government commissioned NCK to build, develop and operate Kvinnofridslinjen in 2007. The construction and development of Kvinnofridslinjen during its first year in running is presented in a report.
"The Development of a National Helpline for Women subjected to Violence" (pdf)

Commission to develop and spread information

The government commissioned NCK to develop and quality assure Kvinnofridslinjen, during a period of four years. The assignment involved raising awareness about the national helpline to new target groups, quality assurance of the support given to callers, training of all staff, and development of the helpline technical support. NCK reported to the government in 2015.

Last modified: 2021-04-01