Online resources for professionals

Two screen shots from the startpages of the online resources for social care staff and health care staff in Sweden.

NCK has developed online resources for professionals working in the area of men’s violence against women and domestic violence. The online resources are targeted at staff working in social care and health care, developed in collaboration with the County Administrative Boards of Sweden and the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.

The online resources are organised on two separate webpages, one for staff working in social care (in Swedish) and one for staff working in health care (in Swedish). The webpages’ content differ depending on their focus.

The online resources are only available in Swedish.

Online course on violence

NCK has developed an online basic introductory course on men’s violence against women and violence in close relationships. The course is cross-disciplinary and aims to increase the competency among professionals who in their line of work meet women and children subjected to violence, and/or perpetrators of violence. Learn more about the online course on violence

The online course about violence presented at European conference

The National Centre for Knowledge on Men’s Violence against Women participated in the “Fourth European Conference on Domestic Violence” taking place 13-15 September 2021 to present their five-year experience using the online course about violence to educate about men’s violence against women.

The conference, which brought together researchers and professionals, was arranged by the University of Ljubljana but was held digitally due to the pandemic.

The article about the presentation of the online course at the Fourth European Conference on Domestic Violence

Knowledge bank

The NCK knowledge bank is a website with compiled knowledge on men’s violence against women, honour related violence and violence in same-sex relationships. The knowledge bank contains lists of scholars and experts, research projects, subject guides, reading lists and publications.

There is no English translation of this website, but click on the link for a summary of its contents.

Learn more about the NCK Knowledge bank

The content
  • Subject guides (approximately 70)
  • Scholars and experts database
  • Official publications
  • Facts about the National Authority Cooperation against Violence Against Women
Last modified: 2021-11-23