Captured Queen

Captured Queen, which was published in 2001, was the first investigation into the prevalence of men's violence against women to be carried out in Sweden. It shows that many women in Sweden have experienced being subjected to violence.

In total 28 percent of women had experienced physical violence at the hands of a previous husband or partner. More than one fifth of young women, between the ages of 18 and 24, had been subjected to violence during the last year.

Commission from the Government

The government commissioned the Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority to carry out the investigation. The aim was to increase knowledge about the extent of violence against women, in the hope that this would create more opportunities for preventative measures. The Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority in its turn asked Professor Eva Lundgren at Uppsala University and Gun Heimer, head of NCK, to carry out the study.


A postal survey was used to carry out the investigation. The survey was sent to 10,000 women between the ages of 18 and 64. The questions were formulated in as concrete a manner as possible, and concerned physical and sexual violence as well as threats of violence. The response rate was high, at over 70 percent.

The result of this prevalence study shows that violence against women is not a marginal problem. It is widespread in all social groups, and has consequences for women's physical and mental health.

The investigation has been published as a book both in Swedish and in English.

"Captured Queen" in full length (pdf)

Last modified: 2021-04-01