Max Waltman

Titel: PhD (fil. dr)

Lärosäte: Stockholms universitet

Institution: Statsvetenskapliga institutionen



Max Waltman is a postdoctoral researcher who has published on the politics of legal challenges to sexual exploitation (prostitution/trafficking) and legal challenges to pornography and its association to gender-based violence and sex inequality.

His scholarly work is comparative, centering on Canada, Sweden, the United States, and international law, and appears in Harvard Journal of Law & Gender, Political Research Quarterly, Michigan Journal of International Law, Women’s Studies International Forum, and Law & Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice. Waltman’s op-eds have been published in the New York Times, Toronto Star, in Swedish newspapers (e.g., DN, SvD, GP) and on various online news sites.

Waltman is also consulted by legislative bodies domestically and abroad, and works on policy initiatives with prostitution/trafficking survivors and feminist groups. He has been a visiting researcher/fellow at Harvard University, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs the academic year 2016–2017, and a visiting researcher at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) 2017–2018, Department of Political Science and the Law School. Waltman has a PhD in political science from Stockholm University. 

Publikationer i urval

Vetenskapliga publikationer 

“Appraising the Impact of Toward a Feminist Theory of the State: Consciousness-Raising, Hierarchy Theory, and Substantive Equality Laws.” Law & Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice 35, no. 2 (2017): 353–91. Publikationen i fulltext

“Assessing Evidence, Arguments, and Inequality in Bedford v. Canada.” Harvard J. Law & Gender 37 (2014): 459–544.

The Politics of Legal Challenges to Pornography: Canada, Sweden, and the United States. Stockholm Studies in Politics 160. PhD Dissertation. Stockholm University, 2014. ISBN 9789176490471 (582 pp.) Publikationen i fulltext

“Prohibiting Sex Purchasing and Ending Trafficking: The Swedish Prostitution Law.” Michigan J. Int’l Law 33 (2011): 133–57 (translated into Korean). Publikationen i fulltext

“Sweden’s Prohibition of Purchase of Sex: The Law’s Reasons, Impact, and Potential.” Women’s Studies Int’l Forum 34, no. 5 (2011): 449–74 (free version on SSRN). Publikationen i fulltext

“Rethinking Democracy: Legal Challenges to Pornography and Sex Inequality in Canada and the United States.” Political Research Quarterly 63, no. 1 (2010): 218–237 (free version on SSRN) Publikationen i fulltext (additional podcasts available with Amy Mazur, co-editor of PRQ, Catharine MacKinnon, Kathleen Mahoney, William Hudnut, and Max Waltman). 

Rapporter, remissvar, skrivelser m.m.

Remissvar till SOU 2016:42, ”Ett starkt straffrättsligt skydd mot köp av sexuell tjänst och utnyttjande av barn genom köp av sexuell handling, m.m.” 24 oktober, 2016. Publikationen i fulltext

"Pornografi och mäns våld mot kvinnor", med förord av Catharine A. MacKinnon, i samarbete med Unizon. Del 2 av Porr och prostitution: en rapport om utsatthet och efterfrågan, redigerad av Unizon, pp. 31-108. Stockholm: Unizon, 2016. Publikationen i fulltext

"Pornography and Men’s Violence Against Women", translated by Marion Söderström, reviewed and revised by Max Waltman, with a Preface by Catharine A. Mackinnon, and in collaboration with Unizon. Part 2 in Pornography and Prostitution: A Report on Exploitation and Demand, edited by Unizon, pp. 31-108. Stockholm: Unizon, 2016. Publikationen i fulltext

Med Catharine A. MacKinnon, “[Gemensamt] Svar till Förbud mot köp av sexuell tjänst: En utvärdering 1999–2008 (SOU 2010:49)“ (remissvar) / “A Response to Prohibition Against Purchase of Sexual Service: An Evaluation 1999–2008 (SOU 2010:49)“ (considerate parties’ brief) (Feb. 2, 2011) (submission with 12 signatories, NGOs/individuals). Publikationen i fulltext

Med Catharine A. MacKinnon, “Förslag till regeringens utredning av sexköpslagen / Suggestions to the Government’s Review of the Sex Purchase Act (Sweden)“ (March 17, 2010) (submission with 13 signatories, NGOs/individuals). Publikationen i fulltext

Populärvetenskapliga debattartiklar m.m.

”Förstör inte stödet att lämna prostitution” (med Stockholms Tjejjour m.fl.) Op-Ed, SvT-Opinion, December 8, 2016. 

“Criminalize Only the Buying of Sex.” Op-Ed, Room for Debate, New York Times, April 20, 2012. Publikationen i fulltext

“The Scars of Prostitution.” Op-Ed, Toronto Star, Oct. 31, 2011. Publikationen i fulltext

“Evidence Shows Ending Demand Works.” Op-Ed, (News Site), Oct. 11, 2012. Publikationen i fulltext

“Stärk prostituerade personers möjlighet att kräva skadestånd” [Empower Prostituted Persons' Options for Demanding Damages]. (med Carina Hägg (S), MEP Eva-Britt Svensson (V), Olga Persson (SKR) m.fl.) Op-Ed, Göteborgs-Posten, May 10, 2011. Publikationen i fulltext

“Vårt förslag handlar inte om tvång” [Our Proposal is Not Compulsory]. (med SKR [Olga Persson], Gudrun Schyman, Luis Ramos-Ruggiero m.fl.) Op-Ed, SvD Opinion-Brännpunkt, Svenska Dagbladet, Apr. 14, 2011. Publikationen i fulltext

“Prostituerade är brottsoffer” [Prostituted Persons are Crime Victims]. (With SKR [Olga Persson], Gudrun Schyman, Luis Ramos-Ruggiero m.fl.) Op-Ed, SvD Opinion-Brännpunkt, Svenska Dagbladet, Apr. 9, 2011. Publikationen i fulltext

“Torskarna ska betala skadestånd till de prostituerade [personerna]” [The Johns Shall Pay Damages to Prostituted Persons]. (With Catharine A. MacKinnon, Gudrun Schyman, m.fl.), Newsmill, Nov. 4, 2008. Publikationen i fulltext

“Porr inspirerar till våld” [Porn Inspires Violence]. (med Gudrun Schyman (V)). Brev till Ledarsidan [Letter on Editorial Page], Expressen, Aug. 6, 2006, sec. 1, p. 1. Publikationen i fulltext

“Ge skadestånd till prostitutionens offer” [Give Damages to Victims of Prostitution]. (med Gudrun Schyman (V)) Op-Ed, DN-debatt, Dagens Nyheter, July 25, 2006. Publikationen i fulltext