Carina Gallo

Carina Gallo, Carina Ljungwald

Titel: Assistant Professor of Criminology, Senior Lecturer

Lärosäte: Holy Names University, CA, USA and Lund University, School of Social Work, Lund, Sweden



I am currently an Assistant Professor of Criminology at Holy Names University in Oakland, CA. I am also a Senior Lecturer at the School of Social Work at Lund University in Sweden. My scholarship addresses historical and international trends in crime and welfare policies, with particular attention to how policies and laws intending to support underrepresented and marginalized groups have developed over the last century. I am especially interested in the “criminalization” of poverty and the penalization of vulnerable populations. One of my recent research projects examines how categories in crime policy, such as the “crime victim,” have crossed over to welfare law and policy. The study shows how new categories can change the way policy makers and practitioners conceptualize social problems, in particular, poverty and inequality.

I am currently working on a book exploring the roots of the Swedish victim movement. This book is vital to informing the literature how different societies have approached issues related to crime and victims. The project is based on a case study of Victim Support Sweden (VSS), Sweden’s largest victim support organization. 

I am also a trained social worker. Before entering academia, I worked with many different actors involved in the criminal justice system. For instance, between 2001 and 2006 I was the director of a nongovernmental victim support center, which provides services to over 500 crime victims per year.

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